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Dragon repellent

New Dragon repellent

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New Garlic Style Batch #37

There is a point where pleasure and pain intersect. Once the line is crossed, once Mo's hot sauce touches your lips, there is no...

CHF 12.00

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Marie Sharp's Beware Comatose Heat Level (50% Habanero)

The ultimate creation of Marie’s and the most ultimate Habanero pepper sauce ever. Certainly not as painful as some but what a flavor...

CHF 10.00

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BIG Marie Sharp's Hot Habanero (40% Habanero)

This sauce is the same base as the MILD pepper sauce, but one level up on the heat scale. If you like spicy foods, you might want...

CHF 15.00

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Marie Sharp's Poachers Beware (50% Habanero)

With the purchase of each bottle of this special Sea Shepherd supporter edition you support and donate € 5,00 to the actual campaign...

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Marie Sharp's Sweet Habanero (24% Habanero)

Marie Sharp’s Sweet Habanero Pepper Sauce is made from fresh habanero peppers and condiments, which accounts for this unique blend....

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New Gochujang Hot Sauce

Gochujang is a Korean-style hot sauce that combines the savory elements of fermented soybeans and garlic with sweet heat from imported...

CHF 12.00

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