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Ghost-Ujang Hot Sauce

Fiery fermented fun brewed in 68 gallon pots packed with Ghost and Gochugaru Chilies. Intensely hot and savory flavors taste like...

CHF 18.00

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Most Wanted Habanero Pepper Sauce

The pain gang is at it again! The Sultan's of Sizzle have been scheming together and concocting their secret recipes to bring you...

CHF 10.00

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Louisiana Style Batch #218

Schöne Schmerzen und viel Rauch. Diese scharfe Sauce hat eine Zusammenstellung wie man Sie sonst nur in BBQ Saucen findet. Eine...

CHF 12.00

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Zombie Repellent

Zombie Repellent Apocalyptic Hot Sauce - We don’t know how it works, but Original Juan’s Limited Edition Zombie Repellant Hot Sauce...

CHF 9.00

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