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Dragon repellent

Dragon repellent

Knightmare Hot Sauce

Art thou having trouble with dragons? Art thou tired of thy village turning to mere ashes? Dost thou yearn to rid thy self of those intolerable sky serpents once and for all? Thou art in luck! Use Knightmare fortright on gruel, herring, or leg of beast, and "SAY NAY to DRAGONS"

Precautionary measures

None of our products are obviously dangerous.That said, as we all have differing levels of sensitivity, we highly recommend that you carefully test each sauce (eg using the tip of a tooth-pick)! Enjoy the fire - dont play with it!The piquant sauces should not be used to play practical jokes or games!Please keep these products out of reach of children.Less is better - this is especially true of the piquant sauces!If you are unsure of your spice tolerance, please begin by using the sauces of the category a little pain - sweet chilli.What to do if the sauce is just too strong/hot/spicy?Fats (milk, butter, yoghurt) or strong alcohol can ease the feeling. Bread or rice may help a little, water will have no effect as the capsaicine molecule (oil-producing) doesnt dissolve in water.Thank you for putting your trust in us. Your Salsashop team

Knightmare hot sauce

Ingredients:Green Habañero mash (habanero peppers, salt), water, key lime juice concentrate, salt, distilled vinegar, cane sugar, mint leaves, spices, xanthan gum, ascorbica acid, natural green color (plant and vegetable extract)

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