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XTREME Hot Sauce

Off the potency chart. Made for those who take life and all their actions to the edge. Please be seated and fasten your seat belts...

Most Wanted Classic Bloody Mary Mix

This mix is the spicy doppelganger to a classic Bloody Mary mix. It is expertly concocted with tomato juice, celery, aged Cayenne...

Ghost-Ujang Hot Sauce

Fiery fermented fun brewed in 68 gallon pots packed with Ghost and Gochugaru Chilies. Intensely hot and savory flavors taste like...

Tabasco Jalapeno

Il famoso tabasco verde, a base di Jalapenos

Most Wanted Jalapeno Hot Sauce

The pain gang is at it again! The Sultan's of Sizzle have been scheming together and concocting their secret recipes to bring you...

Dragon repellent

Art thou having trouble with dragons? Art thou tired of thy village turning to mere ashes? Dost thou yearn to rid thy self of those...

Batch218 Hott Nuts

A heat lover's snacking dream! Bubba's Hott Nuts will send you through the roof. Pull these out at your next party, but warn your...

Zombie Repellent

Zombie Repellent Apocalyptic Hot Sauce - We don’t know how it works, but Original Juan’s Limited Edition Zombie Repellant Hot Sauce...

Jamaican Style Batch #114

La versione di Bajan. L'aroma della Giamaica, il risveglio di ricordi smarriti delle vacanze caraibiche. Una ricetta che combina...

Most Wanted Habanero Pepper Sauce

Attenzione! Brucia .. Habanero puro!

Noel's Dia de Los Muertos

The name Serrano is a reference to the Sierra mountain in Puebla and Hidalgo in Mexico where they are found. Noel's love for the...

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Louisiana Style Batch #218

La Luisiana, calore e ricchezza culinaria, le ricette del sud dinamizzate da peperoncini Habanero di prima classe.

Marie Sharp's Hot Habanero (40% Habanero)

La "madre salsa". La prima salsa Habanero Marie Sharp's ad aver attraversato l'oceano per evangelizzare il mondo. Carote et peperoncini...

Moruga-Masala Hot Sauce

The best of two worlds, the heat from Trinidad and the spice blends of India. This sauce is reportedly the favorite condiment of...

Tabasco Habanero

La salsa Tabasco alla dinamite (aggiunta di Habanero)

Marie Sharp's Orange Habanero (28% Habanero)

A base di Habanero gialli e con polpa di arance maturate al sole di Bélize. Ideale con pesce e frutti di mare.

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Da'Bomb Pepper Nuts

The ultimate in hot snacks. If you like our Pain is Good Hott Nuts you need to give this snack a try! These nuts are spiced with...

Reaper-Acha Hot Sauce

A traditional recipe with non-traditional heat, Carolina Reaper Pepper takes the stage, rocks it out, then burns it down in this...

Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot Habanero (50% Habanero)

Questa ricetta é stata creata apposta per il mercato messicano. Per gli specialisti del peperoncino che non hanno paura di avere...

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