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Marie Sharp's Poachers Beware (50% Habanero)

With the purchase of each bottle of this special Sea Shepherd supporter edition you support and donate € 5,00 to the actual campaign...

CHF 14.00CHF 8.00

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Marie Sharp's No Wimps Allowed (50% Habanero)

As the name of this sauce tells you, this is for the true hot sauce lover. Despite the amount of heat the unique blend of natural...

CHF 10.00CHF 6.00

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Marie Sharp's Smoked Habanero (31% Habanero)

A special edition, Mayan recipe! Smoked Habanero

CHF 12.00CHF 6.00

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Marie Sharp's Orange Habanero (28% Habanero)

Marie uses yellow Habanero peppers, orange pulp, fresh vegetables, and spices. The citrus enhances the Habanero flavor in a special...

CHF 9.00CHF 5.00

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